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Time-Sensitive Special Opportunity for

New Hub Members…Including a Special BONUS Worth at Least $6,000…

Welcome to “The Hub”!

You’ve made a great decision to join a growing group of like-minded individuals concerned about how quickly the technocrats are implementing their evil agenda.

More importantly, you’ve made the wise choice to take the bold action necessary to defeat the technocrats before it’s too late.

While the sleepwalking zombies who bury their head in the sand and ignore this imminent threat risk owning nothing and having no privacy in the near future.

You should be excited because your eyes are about to opened to a new world of possibilities the obedient masses will never even know about.

Be prepared to discover a wide variety of creative and 100% legal ways to protect yourself, your family, your privacy, your freedom, and your assets starting today.

No matter how this situation plays out, you can be confident you’ll have the best, most actionable information available. And a supportive community to help you implement it.

Please read this entire message or you’ll risk missing out on a time-sensitive opportunity. Plus a special BONUS worth at least $6,000.

After reading this message, check your email inbox where you’ll find your official welcome message.

You’ll have instant access to the online community and the app for your smart phone.

The email  provides the URL and your log-in credentials for the secure, members-only website where you’ll be able to share ideas with your fellow “Hub” members.

You’ll also find instructions on how to download the app and set it up on your phone so that “The Hub” community and resources are always at your fingertips.

Begin your journey by watching the “Quick Start” video which shows you everything available to “Hub” members and how to navigate your way around the community.

Browse the large library of exclusive members-only content – including the podcasts not yet released to the public.

You’re sure to find several topics of interest you can dive into immediately.

In addition, you’ll see the schedule of upcoming events including members-only excursions, podcasts, and more.

We have two exciting excursions (exploratory trips) planned for 2023. Space is limited to around 20 people. So please let me know if plan to attend as soon as possible.

More on that in a moment…

If you need additional help or information, please do not hesitate to contact my helpful support staff. 

As a valued member of “The Hub” community you can expect a speedy response.

I’m excited to have you as a valued charter member of “The Hub.”

With that introduction out of the way, it’s time to share a time-sensitive opportunity only available right now.

This is not for everyone. And if you decide not to take advantage of this opportunity, that’s perfectly fine. You’ll still get great value out of your “Hub” membership.

Here’s What This Is All About…

Remember, “The Hub” was designed with an airport terminal in mind because every major airline has a “hub” which allows you easy access virtually any destination in the world.

Airline passengers can also select the level of service they desire: coach, business class, and first class are common levels of service.

As a charter member of “The Hub,” you’re already at the business class level. You deserve special treatment and extra benefits not available in “coach” class.

And that’s what you’re getting…

With regard to “The Hub,” coach class is the general public. These are people who listen to the podcasts and attend the events available to the public.

As a valued business class member, you get lots of extra benefits not available in “coach” class such as:

  • The opportunity to attend excursions and events to which the general public is not invited…
  • Generous 50% discounts and VIP treatment at events the general public can attend…
  • Early bird access to podcasts before they’re made available to the public…
  • The ability to ask questions to podcast guest experts…
  • Access to the vast library of resources not available to the public…
  • Access to a members-only online community and the app…
  • Emergency Bulletins as important news is announced (well before it’s announced to the general public)…

These additional benefits make your business class membership much more valuable than a coach/non-member of “The Hub” who enjoys none of these perks.

Yet some people seek an even better experience than business class and upgrade to First Class. If you’re one of those people, I don’t want to disappoint you.

From my experience working with Private Clients, I know some people will want even more personal access to me and my Rolodex of experts in “The Hub.”

That’s why I’ve created an even higher-level “First Class” membership for those who are interested.

As I said, this is not for everyone. And if it’s not for you, that’s fine. This is only for those who do desire more benefits and more personal access.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get When You Upgrade to First Class…

Before we get to the investment, let me share the additional benefits “first class” Hub members will enjoy – including a special BONUS worth at least $6,000.

Additional Benefit #1: Monthly Group Coaching Call

Every month we’ll have a group call where I’ll dive deep into a relevant topic. It could be asset protection, it could be a new second residency or citizenship opportunity, or an investment opportunity. Those on the call will get first crack at investing.

On some calls you’ll get exclusive access to me. On other calls, I’ll invite a subject-matter expert as a special guest – an international attorney, government representative, or a financial expert in real estate, cryptocurrency, or the financial markets for example.

At the end of the call, we have a Q&A session. No question is off limits.

You can ask questions relevant to the subject matter we covered on the call. Or you can ask specific questions relevant to your personal situation. This presents a higher level of access to me and my guest experts month after month.

Of course, if you can’t make the live call, we’ll post a recording in the members area so you and other “First Class” members can listen later. Or re-listen if you wish. A transcript will also be available. 

You can submit questions before the call so they’ll be answered even if you can’t attend the live call.

Additional Benefit #2: Early Notification and Access to Excursions

We have two excursions planned for 2023. And we’ll be increasing the number of exploratory trips to 3 in 2024 and beyond.

The first excursion in 2023 will be to the Channel Islands – an archipelago off the French coast of Normandy.

While wealthy British citizens flock to this unique European location for its abundant tax and privacy advantages, it’s not well-known to Americans and Canadians.

It’s an English-speaking jurisdiction that welcomes Canadians and Americans just as it does Brits.

We’ll be meeting with private bankers and investment brokers in a place that’s been called “the UK’s Cayman Islands.” We’ll also explore residency opportunities.

Due to the extensive travel and relationship building I’ve done over the past two decades, we’ll get the “white glove” treatment from my friends and contacts.

On our second scheduled excursion of 2023, we’ll visit a rising economic superstar in Asia. It’s a small, up and coming country most people have never heard of.

Uzbekistan is a country rich in natural resources like oil & gas, arable land, and one of the world’s leading suppliers of gold, coal, zinc, lead, copper, uranium, and tungsten. 

As the world economy moves into a massive inflationary period, commodities and natural resources will move into a bull run. Creating huge profit opportunities.

This story is largely ignored by mainstream media and is still under the radar for most. 

We will take a private trip to Uzbekistan to see with our own eyes what is happening and how to capitalize on this trend.

As you can see, “The Hub” excursions are not the standard (boring!) conference where you fly to a major city, listen to a parade of speakers, and never leave the event hotel.

To provide members with the best possible experience, attendance on these special excursions is limited to around 20 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

As a “first class” member of “The Hub,” you’ll hear about upcoming excursions. And you’ll have the first opportunity join us on the trip. Before anyone else knows about it.

This insures you’ll never miss out on any excursion you want to join.

Additional Benefit #3: Personal Introductions to my Rolodex

Every “Hub” member gets access to my rolodex. The large network of personal contacts I’ve built up over my 20 years of traveling around the world.

Whether it’s an asset protection attorney, an international CPA, an expert on creating trusts, a real estate professional, someone who can help guide you through the process of second residency or citizenship, or something else related to global diversification.

These are the best of the best at what they do. They deliver on their promises. Something that can’t be said about everyone. Knowing these people could save you tens of thousands of dollars and months of time, hassle, and frustration.

“First class” members will get a personal introduction. It could be in person at a live event. Or an email or phone call where I’ll introduce you and provide background on your situation and your goals so you can get off to a fast start in achieving your goals.

Additional Benefit #4: A Physical Newsletter packed with insider info 

“First class” members will also receive a physical magazine delivered to your mailbox.

Until now, this was something reserved exclusively for private clients who’ve paid five-figure fees to work with me personally.

This valuable resource is packed with the latest trends in the offshore industry. Things I’m hesitant to share online because I don’t want the masses to know.

Topics include the direction of the financial and crypto markets. And how to best play these trends for maximum profits.

While I write most of the content, I’ll also include timely information from experts on other topics of interest to “Hub” members.

We cover a wide spectrum of ideas. It could be a deep dive into Panama’s Friendly Nations Visa, Greece’s Golden Visa, or other visa programs. Or an analysis of the commodities, crypto, or stock markets to identify the best opportunities.

It could be important information on offshore asset protection or financial accounts.

You’ll receive the latest issue every quarter to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments in the world of global diversification.

I charge $1,000 for a one-hour consultation so the monthly call alone is worth $1,000. 

The money you could save on taxes when you see all the possibilities on the Channel Islands could be worth tens of thousands of dollars. Plus the peace of mind knowing your assets are safe from greedy governments and lawsuits in your home country.

The opportunities you discover in Uzbekistan could potentially generate tens of thousands of dollars in profits on investments most people don’t even know about.

The personal introductions to the vast network of can trusted professionals in my network could also save you thousands of dollars – both in fees and in tax savings.

Add it all up and these additional benefits would be a bargain at $1,000 per month.

But of course you won’t pay anything near $1,000. Not $900, $800, $700, or even $600. I’ve set the price at a reasonable $497 – at least for now.

That’s a small fraction of the price for a First-Class plane ticket to anywhere in the world. 

And while the flight lasts only a few hours, you’ll enjoy the additional benefits of your first-class membership in “The Hub” for an entire month!

To make this easy for you, I’m going to reward those who can make a decision and act quickly with a valuable BONUS.

2nd Residency at $6,000 Discount…

Perhaps the best place to start with your personal global diversification plan is with a second residency in a country that warmly welcomes you with open arms.

When the proverbial shyt hits the fan, a second residency is like a “get out of jail free” card that can quickly rescue you from a dire situation in your home country.

Just like it’s wise to invest in hurricane insurance before the big storm hits, the best time to obtain this second residency is NOW! Before you need it.

Waiting until you actually need your “get out of jail free card” puts you in a difficult position. Because everyone will be frantically searching for one. 

The people who can help you obtain a second residency will be overwhelmed with applicants willing to pay exorbitant fees due to their extreme sense of urgency. 

That’s why it’s best to take care of your second residency today.

With that in mind…

When you become a first-class member of “The Hub,” you’ll get instant access to a trusted contact who can help you secure a 2nd residency within 90 days.

The country is easily accessible for both Americans and Canadians. Its great weather year-round makes it a popular tourist and expat destination.

And best of all, this country handled the COVID situation much better than both the US and Canada. No masks. No lockdowns. No vaccine mandates.

Even today, there are no COVID vaccine or testing requirement to enter this country. Zero. Zip. Nada.

If the next crisis the technocrats manufacture make living in either the US or Canada unbearable enough that you just want to leave it all behind…even if only temporarily…

This second residency could be a life-saver. Everyone in your family can enjoy the benefit of this second residency too.

Many people pay upwards of $7,000 or more for a 2nd residency in this desirable country. But first-class members of “The Hub,” will enjoy a GIANT DISCOUNT.

Because I’ve negotiated a special price for you.

You won’t pay $7,000. You won’t pay $5,000. You won’t even pay $3,000.

You won’t even pay $2,000. In fact, you can enjoy all the benefits of a valuable second residency for just a few hundred dollars!

If you haven’t guessed by now, the country is Mexico. And I’ve arranged a special deal with my trusted contact for valued first class members of “The Hub” for less than $800.

They’ll help you with all the paperwork, translation, taking you to your immigration appointments, consulting with you on the paperwork you’ll need…

They’ll basically “hold your hand” throughout the entire process. Even doing much of the work for you. Making the whole process as simple and stress free as possible. 

While also saving you a ton of time, hassle, and money.

A second residency in Mexico could help you sleep more soundly at night knowing you have a place to go when the sh1t hits the fan and you need to escape quickly.

Even better, you’ll save more than $6,000 over what some people pay.

At $497 per month, that huge savings covers a full year of  first-class membership in “The Hub.”

Here’s What To Do Now…

Since I already have your billing information on file, accepting this special opportunity to join us as a first-class member of the “The Hub” couldn’t be easier.

Just click on the link below and you’ll automatically be upgraded and enjoy all the additional benefits of first-class.

YES! Upgrade Me to First-Class So I Can Enjoy the Additional Benefits. Plus the $6,000 Discount on a Valuable 2nd Residency…

As soon as you do, you’ll join the rapidly growing list of people I’ve helped. Like these people…

Rob W. from Kentucky…


Without Mikkel’s expertise and connections in the offshore community I surely would have missed the deadline for the expiring Friendly Nations Visa in Panama. 


Mikkel knew the quickest and easiest steps to navigate through the red tape saving me hundreds of thousands of dollars had I not been approved in time. I can’t thank him enough.

David Wilmot, Dallas, Texas…


As the 2008 economic tsunami destroyed my existing traditional investments, my world views, and assumptions, about how things worked, changed, big time.  It was my light bulb moment.  


I had managed to do the basics that were recommended at the time:  acquired a foreign bank account; bought a home outside the US; invested in precious metals; started learning Spanish; and focused on health and nutrition with my wife.


What I didn’t have was a comprehensive plan.  I needed a mentor, an advisor, someone who could help me put my random jigsaw pieces together and end up with a more seamless strategy and plan.


After hearing Mikkel on a podcast, I immediately emailed him thinking I probably wouldn’t be hearing from him for a while, if at all.  Within 48 hours, Mikkel responded.  He could sense I had already done some legwork in preparing for independence and Plan B scenarios, scattershot as it was.


Mikkel instantly set me up with some ‘next step’ options, primarily focusing on a new passport from a well-recognized, travel friendly country. 


Mikkel has contacts and professional relationships literally worldwide.  The process of gaining another residence or citizenship requires specialized knowledge and experience.  We got the ball rolling immediately.


Mikkel’s knowledge is so wide, it’s practically impossible to ask him a question he hasn’t heard before.  And the great thing about him, if he doesn’t have an answer for something, he’ll find out or connect you with another specialist who does.


For one-stop, 5 Star concierge, step-by-step expat services, Mikkel puts you light years ahead of the crowd.

Travis M. of Oregon…


I have had the pleasure of working with Mikkel as he has helped me retain my Panama residency.

The guy is straight-up, vastly knowledgeable, experienced, and actually listens.

I have had experiences with other companies in the same offshore space to only find that they were too pushy and very car salesmen-like. 

Mikkel listened and made suggestions that would best serve my interests.

Mikkel has been very thorough with the process and has been there to answer questions that came up for my situation.

One of my favorite parts about working with him is that he is very approachable and not arrogant.

Just know, when you work with Mikkel, you’re in good hands.


Ken M.
(location withheld for privacy)


Retaining Mikkel to assist my family with the formulation of a Plan B strategy was like pushing a snowball from a mountaintop. 

In the short time since our first video conference, we quickly obtained a second residency, and expect to soon finalize a second citizenship and another second residency. 

Mikkel has been readily available, as much as we needed, to provide coaching and relevant introductions. 

While working together since 2021, ongoing global chaos has led me to believe that “The Land of the Free” exists as a concept for independent thinking people who structure their lives beyond the ever-changing restrictions of their home country. Mikkel can help you to find such freedom.”

You must make a decision now because you’ll never see this offer again once you leave this page. This special opportunity is available for a LIMITED TIME only.

When the launch of “The Hub” ends, the doors will close. Maybe forever.

Given the higher level of personal attention and access “First Class” members receive and the limited amount of time I have, I must keep the number of members small.

Just like the limited number of seats available in the first-class section of the plane, there are a limited number of spots available for first class members of “The Hub.”

If I do decide the re-open the doors again, you can expect the investment to be higher than it is today. 

This is the best offer you’ll see. So if you want to upgrade to first class for the additional benefits. And a higher level of access to me, this is the best time to do it.

Just click on the link below while you still can. You’ll be glad you did.

Whatever you decide, I wish you the best. And I look forward to meeting you and working with you soon.

YES! Upgrade Me to First-Class So I Can Enjoy the Additional Benefits. Plus the $6,000 Discount on a Valuable 2nd Residency…


No thanks. I’m not interested in upgrading to first class


Your Access Will Be In Your Email Within 2 hours.
Look for Our Email (from Expat Money™) that we just sent to you.